The Granite Importer

Branding, Logo Redesign

The Granite Importer (TGI), is an Ottawa family owned business which offers custom fabrication services. They offer services for kitchen/bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, etc. Custom fabrication means that TGI can provide both product production and design. They acquire stone slabs from the quarries in other countries such as Brazil, Italy, Spain, India, Turkey, and more.

TGI Van Mockup

Project Objective

The redesign should incorporate new elements that will improve the design, as well as to attract new and existing consumers. The logo aims to be versatile in print and web. This will help the brand communicate with their target audience across a large spread of media and print.

The Old Logo

This is the current logo for TGI. The logo is too text heavy and lacks any unique design elements. The logo seems to be confused about the brand name, and it doesn't resonate well with the target audience.

TGI Od Logo


First, I had to do background research and perform a brand audit. Through research, I discovered TGI's main target audience, their unique selling point and their main competitors. With this new found knowledge on the brand, I made a presentation which outlined my brand strategy on how to improve the current logo. I also made a moodboard to visualize my thought direction for the new brand.

Target Audience

The Granite Importer primarily targets older adults aged 45 - 55 and up who are looking to refurbish their homes (specifically kitchen countertops, fireplaces, etc.). Older adults tend to spend more on homes than younger adults (due to typical higher income and having more time to plan renovations). TGI also targets young adults who are moving into their first homes and would like to refurbish while getting settled in.

Unique Selling Point

TGI acquires stone slabs from the quarries in the countries such as Brazil, India, Spain, Italy and Turkey. TGI focuses solely on custom fabrication — they provide both production and design assistance. Custom fabrication allows for more creative work, which can help a customer’s kitchen/bathroom ‘pop’. By focusing on the design aspect more, TGI’s product appears to be visually more attractive; which is what the customers want their homes to be.


TGI Moodboard

Process: Drafting

I started the design process by sketching over 20 concepts. I reviewed these ideas with the client and fellow graphic designers. After selecting the 2 best concepts, I did another round of sketching. I ended up with over 10 variations of the 2 concepts. After more reviewing and consulting, a final concept was chosen for refinement.



Final Concept

Process: Refinement

After getting the go ahead from the client, I made multiple revisions of the concept. I tweeked the negative space between the shapes that made up the icon, to improve legibility on smaller sizes. I also experimented with coulours that I thought would reflect TGI's brand well.

Final Design

The concept of the logo is the letter 'G' that is formed by slabs of granite or stone. The coloured square creates contrast, and represents the different colours that granite slabs come in. It also refelcts the look of modern interior design. The overall design is very structured, and bold, which reflects the quality of their service and materials.

Eagle's Nest final logo



These fonts were chosen to portray a modern and structured feel to the brand. Because TGI works with stone, I decided to go with a bold and solid font like Impact. The bold font also portrays a sense of confidence, which TGI has in their product and services. Trade Gothic Next Pro is a more sleek, modern font. This font was chosen for 2 reasons: to show contrast from the heavy Impact font, and to portray the modern, high-end feel of the brand.


These colours were chosen to reflect the brand's product and feel. Granite slabs tend to come in shades of gray, black, brown and beige — this heavily influenced by colour choices. The grays are softer and compliment the beige well. The combination of these colours make the brand appear more polished and sleek; just like their countertops.