Fahel & Co

UX Design, UI Design

Fahel & Co is a property management firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Over 300 landlords in the city use their firm. Fahel & Co offers a variety of property management services to landlords, including: maintenance, property inspections, rent collection and tenant complaints. Fahel & Co actively gives back to the Ottawa community, supporting local charities such as CHEO.


The site lacked consistent visual branding, and was generally unorganized. Fahel & Co’s site needed to feel clean and modern, while still allowing users to easily access their services.


To improve the site’s user experience and layout. I’d also need to determine the site’s visual design, including: colours, typography, icons and graphics. Branding will be established and made consistent throughout the site.

The Old Site

Fahel & Co’s old site was visually inconsistent with their brand. It lacked the professional feel they wanted their clients to experience. The site wasn’t using a proper grid layout, which made navigation and accessibility difficult for users.

Research & Discovery

I researched Fahel & Co as a company, as well as the Ottawa real estate market. I needed to understand the companies’ vision, target audience and unique selling points.

Who are Fahel & Co?

Fahel & Co is one of the fastest growing property management firms in Ottawa. Their goal is to help landlords maximize their profits and minimize their vacancies. They aim to reduce the stress of maintaining properties for landlords.

Fahel & Co has been expanding their brand as their business continues to grow. Their next step was to update their website, since a large number of their clients look for listings online.

Target Audience

Fahel & Co strives to be a company that is innovative and heavily integrated with technology. They want to appeal to a young, hip and forward demographic. Their primary demographic consists of young to middle aged landlords/property managers. They are independent and technologically adept.

Through research, I discovered that:

  • About half of property managers are self-employed; almost all of them work out of an office.

User Persona

I developed a user persona based on my market research; it was made to represent the typical user of Fahel & Co’s site. It outlines the user’s motivations, needs and frustrations.

Competitor Analysis

I analyzed 3 Ottawa property management sites. The analysis let me draw inspiration from successful solutions; it helped me learn from and improve on their shortcomings.


Paper Wireframes

I created low-fidelity wireframes of the site. I organized content using grids; keeping content organized improved the site’s accessibility. An organized layout made the site look more consistent and professional.

Home (Pt. 1)

Home (Pt. 2)

Home (Pt. 3)




Interactive Prototype

I designed an interactive prototype using Adobe XD. I designed the site for both desktop and mobile screens. Multiple versions of the prototype were presented to the client, until a final design was reached.

Visual Design

I determined and created the visual components of the site, which includes: colours, typography, graphics, and other UI components.


Muli was chosen for its accessiblity and modern, professional look. Muli is also highly ledgible and scales well on smaller screen sizes. The typeface feels professional but inviting; it fits with Fahel & Co's brand strategy.


These particular shades of green represent Fahel & Co's brand. Green was chosen to represents money, trust, and 'freshness'. The site also uses some light grays and lots of white space. This makes the site look clean and professional.


Custom graphics were made for the site. I created mockups of branded company vehicles and devices. The graphics needed to look modern and sleek to fit with the site’s visual theme.

Final Design

Final adjustments were determined and completed. I prepared the site’s components and wireframes for development hand-off. Once delivered to the web developer, I reviewed the site’s implementation to ensure consistency. Overall, the live site stayed true to the prototype I designed. However, as time passed, noticeable changes were made to the site’s design.