Evolve Leggings

Branding, Logo Design

Evolve Leggings focuses on selling women's sports leggings through their e-commerce website. Not limited to just leggings, the brand aims to deliver top-notch fitness apparel to women all over the globe. Other products include sports bras, and gym accessories. The main message Evolve Leggings communicates to their target audience, is that women are strong, confident and independent.

Eagle's Nest Hoodie

Project Objective

Evolve is a brand which primarily targets women in their teens and young adults. The brand needed to portray a sense of confidence and strength, while still appealing to the female audience.

Process: Drafting

The client wanted to incorporate both the letter "e" and a flame into the logo icon. The "e" represents the name, and the flame would represent strength, confidece and drive. After sketching many ideas, I chose to move foward with the one that I thought best captured Evolve's message.



Final Concept

Process: Refinement

After getting the go ahead from the client, I made multiple revisions to the concept. I added gradients to create more depth in the design; it also give the logo a more polished and refined look. Since the shape of the logo was complete, I needed to explore different colour palattes. After consulting with the client, we ended up choosing the colour scheme that would best fit the brand.

Final Design

The logo uses colours that portray passion and confidence. The overall design captures a clean, professional and modern feel, to reflect the top quality that Evolve aims to deliver. There is also a solid colour and gradient version of the logo. This is to ensure the logo can be used in a variety of print and web mediums, making the design more versatile.

Eagle's Nest final logo



These fonts were chosen to reflect both confidence and elegance of the brand. Azoft sans is a modern sans serif font that is bold and strong. Tisa Sans Pro is a more relaxed font that helps create contrast from the bolder font. Overall, these fonts help the logo feel strong, but with a touch of femininity.


Though these colours tend to represent femininity, they were also chosen to show warmth, passion and confidence. The shades of pink and purple are rich and bold, which perfectly caputure Evolve's message. The warmth of the hot pink also refelcts the heat or "drive" of the flame.