Eagle's Nest

Branding, Logo Design

Eagle’s Nest is an athletic wear brand unique to one of the Goodlife Fitness locations. The brand sells merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies. The road on which this Goodlife is located is called “Eagleson”; which local residents refer to as the “Eagleson Goodlife”. The name Eagle’s Nest comes from the street Eagleson as well as the fact that the trainers consider this location as their ‘home’ Goodlife. An eagle’s home is called a nest — which is where the brand name Eagle’s Nest came from.

Eagle's Nest Hoodie
Eagle's Nest Hoodie

Project Objective

The client wanted a logo that was unique to the Goodlife Eagleson location, so that he could sell merhandise to loyal fitness members. The logo needed to appeal to a large range of gym members of different fitness levels. It was important not to mkae the logo look too agressive or too amatuerish.

Process: Drafting

After consulting with the client, I started sketching out my ideas on paper. After hours of sketching, I narrowed down my ideas to 3 main concepts. With more consultation with the client, a final concept was chosen. I then designed multiple versions of the same concept, and presented them to the client.


Final Concept Variations

Process: Refinement

After getting the go ahead from the client, I made multiple revisions to the concept. I added in more shading to make the logo look more confident and striking. I added negative space to create balance in the design. I ended up with 4 variations, each with slightly different colour placements.

Final Design

This is the final concept the client decided to go with. The '45s' on the plate were reduced in size, so that it wouldn't cause too much distraction. The 45lbs plate, is also a direct reference to the bumper plates used in Goodlife's facilities. The logo resonates with its target audience, appealing to Goodlife members of any fitness level. The design feels bold and confident without being too aggressive.

Eagle's Nest final logo



I chose AgencyFB because of its strong build and athletic feel. The font is not overly agressive, but it still feels confident — it dosen't discriminate against people who are less experienced in the gym. This refelects Eagle's Nest perfectly, since they aim to help clients of all levels improve their physique and overall fitness level.


It made sense to keep a simpler colour palette for this logo since it was going to be primarily used for print. Black is not only easy to work with for print, but adds intensity to the design. The colour red was chosen to reflect Goodlife's brand. The colour red also represents intensity and confidence.

Goodlife Fitness Eagleson Staff

“JM’s had a great personal touch and the ability to get me exactly what I wanted, without me really knowing what that was. Couldn’t be happier with the service and final product!”

Peter Hossack — Goodlife Fitness Manager