Autism World Travel

Branding, Logo Design

Autism World Travel (AWT) is an up and coming business which offers travel solutions/recommendations for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). AWT is partnered with ASD clinics at the traveler’s destination. This business is a unique form of Medical Tourism. Medical Tourism is when one person travels to another country in order to receive medical, dental and surgical care.

TGI Van Mockup

The logo must incorporate design elements that will attract the main target audience. The logo should also be easy to recognize, and should target audiences on an international scale. The logo should be able to work in both print and web, so that the it can effectively communicate with their consumers.


Before I could get started on the design, I had to do background research and perform a brand audit. Through research, I discovered AWT's main target audience, their unique selling point and their main competitors. With this new found knowledge, I made a presentation which outlined my brand strategy on how to develop an effective logo. I also made a couple of moodboards to visualize my thought direction for the new brand.

Target Audience

Primarily clients from countries which are lacking in or don’t have clinical solutions for ASD. Some targeted countries include: Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Russia. AWT targets people of any gender, age, race, ethnic or economic group. Families who are looking for an easy solution for travelling with others diagnosed with ASD will be one of the main target audiences as well. The main goal for AWT is to help families destress about travelling with ASD passengers.

Unique Selling Point

AWT’s whole concept could be considered as a unique selling point. Most Medical Tourism offers healthcare such as heart surgeries, dental care, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc. That being said, there are not a lot of businesses that offer Medical Tourism specifically for ASD patients. This also means there is very little competition for AWT, due to how niche the business market is.

Something I Didn't Know

The iconic 'puzzle piece' symbol is actually somewhat controversial. Some find it offensive, because the puzzle piece may portray people with ASD as outcasts who 'don't fit into society'. This was both interesting and important to learn. Knowing this changed my approach towards the project; I now had to come up with a unique way to tie in Autism and travelling without the puzzle piece.


AWT Inspiration
AWT Inspiration


AWT Moodboard 1 AWT Moodboard 2

Process: Drafting

I started the design process with mind-mapping. Because the nature of the business is so unque, it was rather difficult for me to draw any ideas at first. Afterwards, I started sketching, and ended up narrowing my ideas to 2 concepts. After selecting the 2 best concepts, I did another round of sketching to further refine my ideas. I ended up with multiple variations of the 2 concepts, and selected the ones that I would present to the client.


Concept 1 Variations

Concept 2 Variations

Final Concepts

Process: Refinement

The client liked the plane concept, because of its obvious portrayal of travel. He also liked the unique shape of the logo over the generic globe shape. He also like the idea of have multiple colours, to showcase the diversity of ASD and travelling. I tweeked the negative space between the shapes that made up the icon, to improve legibility on smaller sizes. I also experimented with different typography combinations, to see which one would work with the brand the best.

A Last Minute Change

The client thought that having the word 'Medical' in the brand name was too serious; he wanted the brand to focus more on the experience of travelling. After brainstorming name ideas, we finally came up with a name that reflects the brand's services, without feeling to clinical.

The new brand name: Autism World Travel

The logo shows balance between the medical and travel aspect of the brand. The logo is combination of a plane (travel) and the awareness ribbon (ASD). The icon itself is designed to be simple, so that it scales down properly and works on both web and print. The icon is made up of different colours, which represents the diversity of the ASD spectrum, travelling and the world.

Eagle's Nest final logo

Black & White



I chose CoconPro because of its friendly feel. The font does a great job of looking inviting and fun, while still remaining ledgible. Because the client wanted the brand to feel fun and light, rather than serious and medical, this font turned out to be a great choice. CoconPro also has a very unique form. This will help AWT stand out more.


These colours were chosen to make the brand feel frienly and fun. Because AWT focuses on travelling, I choce colours that would portray warmth, light and energy. The blue chosen is a soft calm tone; the colour blue is also associated with Autism. The chosen yellow represents warmth and light. The chosen orange represents energy and excitement.