Visual Design, Branding

Visual Design & Branding

This case study is divided into 2 parts: UX Design & Visual Design

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I decided to polish the visual design and branding for Anocate. I designed the logo — I also decided on other elements such as colour, typography and iconography. The goal was to create a look and feel that would emphasize openness and security. Because substance abuse is a sensitive and personal topic, I wanted to make the brand feel friendly and approachable.

Logo Design

The concept of the logo is the letter ‘a’ in the shape of a speech bubble. The empty speech bubble represents openness and anonymity. The logo is composed of rounded shapes and letters. This was done to make it look friendly and approachable.

Eagle's Nest final logo



These fonts were chosen to reflect the brand, and to ensure high level legiblity to app users. Arial Rounded is a friendly and approachable font that compliments the shape of the speech bubble icon. Open Sans is an accessible font that prioritizes readability. Its clean and professinal, which refelcts the feel of the app.


Anocate uses a trusting shade of blue as the primary brand colour. This blue is used for the primary logo icon, as well as primary app buttons. The lightest shade of blue portrays a calm, inviting atmosphere. It is also used for text message bubbles and highlights. The darkest blue is primarily used for title text. The two shades of gray are used for: text, buttons, icons, fields, backgrounds and more.


I designed the icons to resemble the shape of the anocate logo. They're more unique to each other, making them more distinguishable to users. I also added icon labels for better clarity.

User Interface

I created high-fidelity wireframes of the updated app. The brand's typography, colours, icons and other visual elements were designed to work together cohesively. Designs of the app's main screens are shown below.

Loading Screen

Login Screen

Groups Newsfeed

Search: Groups

Search: People


User Profile

Settings: Auto Delete

Advertising & Posters

I expanded the Anocate brand by creating some marketing collateral.

Web Advertisements

These web advertisements were designed to be viewed within 3 - 5 seconds. The goal was to make the ads simple, quick and engaging.

Web Banner Horizontal

728 x 90 px

Web Banner Vertical

300 x 600 px

Informational Poster

This poster gives an overview of Anocate. It was designed to inform — and to encourage — viewers to download the app. The poster briefly describes Anocate's functions and details. App screens are shown on the poster to give viewers an idea of what the app looks like.

Information Poster