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This project is divided into 2 parts; mobile app design and branding/advertising.

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Anocate is a unique social network/messaging app for people struggling with addiction and substance abuse. This app lets users connect with others going through similar struggles within their community. Anocate prioritizes anonymity, with features such as auto deleting messages and hiding aspects of the user’s profile. The goal was to create an easier way for members to communicate with each other through support groups, without worrying about giving away personal information.

Project Objective

The aim of this logo redesign was to make the brand feel more inviting to users struggling with substance abuse. AnitDiction, the original name of the brand/app, was too negative and combined two words together that gave a false meaning of the app. The logo also needed to be used on many screen sizes and printed elements.

The Old Logo

The name is too negative and the design is uninspired and underwhelming. The name and icon promote too much negativity, instead of promoting a welcoming and secure feel. The old logo may not make people feel comfortable using the product, which is important because that is the primary goal of the brand.

Antidiction Old Logo

Process: Drafting

I started the design process by brainstorming ideas (mind-mapping); then I started sketching them all on paper. One concept stuck with me; it was simple and effective. The concept was the letter 'a' in a form a of a speech bubble. After choosing the concept, I started building the logo on Illustrator. Once I had the general shape, it was time for me to refine the logo so that it looked polished.


Final Concept

Process: Refinement

After building the general shape of the logo, I made multiple revisions of the concept. I smoothed out the edges of the logo, and rounded the corners to make it feel friendlier. I also changed the typeface to match the feel of the logo, and experimented with different shades of blue.

Final Design

Anocate is simpler and easy to pronounce. It is more positive, since it uses the word ‘communicate’ instead of addiction. The icon is simple and works on any screen size. The concept is straightforward and gets the message across. The colours were changed to a lighter blue, to make the logo feel friendlier, and the fonts were changed to be more readable, friendly and welcoming.

Eagle's Nest final logo



These fonts were chosen to reflect the brand Anocate, as well as to ensure high level legiblity to the app users. Arial Rounded fits the shape of the speech bubble icon; it also feels inviting and friendly. It's important to protray that feeling to the users, since they may already feel uncomfortable with the topc of substance abuse. Open Sans is a very accessible font that prioritizes readability. It looks professinal, and clean, which also refelcts the feel of the app.


Blue was chosen as Anocate's primary colour, because it is a trusting colour. The shades of blue being used are also lighter, which makes the brand feel more calm and inviting. The darker blue is used as contrast against the primary blue; it is primarily used for type.

Web Advertisements

These were kept simple, because of the fact that users don’t like to read heavy blocks of text. The web banners were designed to be viewed within 3 - 5 seconds, with appropriate call to actions. The goal for these web ads is to get users to click on the download button, by visually grabbing their attention.

Web Banner Horizontal

728px x 90px

Web Banner Vertical

300px x 600px

Informational Poster

This poster is meant to give viewers a quick overview of the app. It briefly describes what Anocate does, as well as its target audience. The poster also lists all of the appropriate icons and functions the app has, along with quick explanations. The poster visually attracts viewers with 7 total app screens. Showing the app screens will give users an idea on what the app looks like, which will push them into downloading it.

Information Poster

Did you see the app for this project? If not, take a look at my UX case study!

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